Remedic Pill Box with Ergonomic Water Glass

Remedic Pill Box with Ergonomic Water Glass

For many people part of their daily routine is taking medication, whether it be supplements or prescription pills. Remedic Home Care Pill Dispenser is a combination product which functions as an ergonomic water glass and pill box.

The pill box at the top features a large lever with tilting lid for easy opening, even with arthritic hands , and transparent cover which helps to easily identify the medication inside. The glass at the bottom has scale markings to measure out water, as some medications may not work properly or can cause throat irritation if not taken with enough water. This makes it one of the best pill dispensers for elderly and patients with dexterity problems.

The Medication Glass with Pill Box:

  • Has a flat side for patient labels to be added
  • Has an ergonomic shape for easy grip
  • Is hygienic, easy to clean and dishwasher safe

The Remedic Pill Box and Glass offers a convenient, modern and user-friendly way to prepare and take medication in home settings, hospitals or care facilities.

Designed with care givers in mind. The Remedic Medication Cup helps to monitor that the people you care for take their medication with the sufficient amount of water. The scaling on the cup enables to care giver to assure sufficient hydration of the patient – with the window on top of the lid you can quickly see whether the pills had been taken.

The ergonomic shaped glass and easy handling pill container allows also patients  to take their medication independently  even if they have limited dexterity or arthritic hands.  Medication or supplements can be well organized and prepared in advance. On the lid there is space to put a label with the patient’s name. Both the cup and the pill box can be cleaned in the dish washer making it a sustainable solution and helps to avoid disposable products.

If you look for practical, functional gift ideas for seniors and elderly loved ones with this medication cup and pill organizer you can show that you care.

… and it makes caregiver’s work a bit easier too