04 December 2023

Remedic is now a member of the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance




The OA Action Alliance is a national coalition of concerned organizations mobilized by the Arthritis Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The Osteoarthritis Action Alliance (OAAA) is supported, in part, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Thurston Arthritis Research Center (TARC) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the lead agency. Contents are solely the responsibility of the OAAA or TARC. 

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02 November 2023

The Remedic Extra Large Stainless Steel Nail Clippers with Magnifier

In the world of personal grooming, finding the perfect nail clippers can be a game-changer, especially when it comes to seniors, children, and individuals with specific needs. Remedic brings you the solution you’ve been searching for with their Extra Large Stainless Steel Nail Clippers, featuring a built-in magnifier and a host of other features designed for precision, clarity, and comfort.

Enhanced Precision with Stainless Steel Blades: One of the standout features of the Remedic Extra Large Nail Clippers is the high-precision stainless steel blades. These sharp blades ensure a clean and precise cut, making your nail trimming routine quick and efficient. Whether you’re caring for your own nails or helping a loved one, these blades guarantee excellent results every time.

Easy-Grip Design for All Ages: The ergonomic design of the Remedic nail clippers provides a comfortable, non-slip grip. Crafted from ABS material, the handle ensures that the clippers won’t slip from your hand, even when your palms are sweaty. This user-friendly design is perfect for seniors and children, allowing them to maintain their independence and confidence in nail care.

Magnifier for a Clear View: What sets these nail clippers apart is the 2X magnifying glass, which offers a clear and natural view while reducing eyestrain. This feature is especially valuable for the elderly, as it makes it easier to see your nails and trim them accurately. The movable magnifier is durable and rust-free, ensuring it stays clear for a long time.

Adaptable for Various Needs: Remedic understands that each person’s nail care needs may be different. The adjustable magnifying glass can cater to those unique requirements, providing a customized experience. Whether you have specific eyesight challenges or need extra assistance due to arthritis, these nail clippers are adaptable and accommodating.

Reliable and Durable: Remedic products go through rigorous inspection and testing to ensure top quality. With Remedic, you can trust that your nail clippers are reliable, durable, and designed to last. In the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied with your purchase, Remedic offers a 365-day guarantee. Your satisfaction is their priority.

Easy to Use and Portable: The Remedic Extra Large Stainless Steel Nail Clippers are incredibly user-friendly. The magnifier conveniently folds away when not in use, so you can use them just like regular nail clippers. Lightweight and compact, they are easily portable, making them a convenient companion for your daily life or travels.

The Remedic Extra Large Stainless Steel Nail Clippers with a built-in magnifier offer a range of features that make them stand out in the world of nail care. From their precision cutting and comfortable grip to the clarity provided by the magnifier, these clippers are a valuable tool for individuals of all ages, especially seniors and children. Remedic’s commitment to quality and satisfaction ensures that you can trust in the durability and reliability of their products. Make nail care a breeze and give these nail clippers a try – you won’t be disappointed!

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04 October 2023

Living with Hand Arthritis: Understanding, Managing, and Thriving

Hand arthritis is a condition that affects millions of people around the world, causing pain, stiffness, and decreased hand function. Whether you’re a senior looking for ways to maintain independence or a young adult dealing with early-onset arthritis, this blog post will provide you with valuable information about hand arthritis, its causes, symptoms, and effective management strategies.


Understanding Hand Arthritis

Hand arthritis, also known as osteoarthritis of the hand, is a degenerative joint disease that primarily affects the small joints in the fingers and thumb. It occurs when the protective cartilage that cushions the ends of bones wears down over time, leading to joint pain and stiffness.

Causes of Hand Arthritis

  1. Age: Hand arthritis is more common in older individuals, but it can affect people of all ages.
  2. Genetics: Family history may play a role in your susceptibility to arthritis.
  3. Joint Injuries: Past hand injuries or trauma can increase the risk of developing arthritis.
  4. Occupation: Jobs that involve repetitive hand movements or heavy use of the hands can contribute to hand arthritis.

Symptoms of Hand Arthritis:

The symptoms of hand arthritis can vary from person to person, but they often include:

  1. Joint pain, especially when gripping or grasping objects.
  2. Stiffness, which is typically worse in the morning.
  3. Swelling and tenderness in the affected joints.
  4. Reduced range of motion, making it challenging to perform everyday tasks.


Managing Hand Arthritis:

While hand arthritis can be a chronic condition, there are several effective strategies for managing its symptoms and improving hand function:

  1. Medications: Over-the-counter pain relievers, such as acetaminophen or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), can help manage pain and inflammation.
  2. Physical Therapy: A physical therapist can teach you exercises to improve joint strength and flexibility.
  3. Remedic Day Pill Box Organizer in Leather Sleeve
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  4. Assistive Devices: Hand splints, specially designed utensils, and adaptive tools can make daily activities easier.
  5. Lifestyle Modifications: Maintain a healthy weight to reduce stress on your hand joints, and consider modifying your activities to avoid overuse.
  6. Injections: Corticosteroid injections may provide temporary relief from pain and inflammation.
  7. Surgery: In severe cases, surgical options like joint fusion or joint replacement may be considered.

Thriving with Hand Arthritis:

Living with hand arthritis requires adapting to your condition and finding ways to thrive despite its challenges:

  1. Stay Informed: Learn as much as you can about hand arthritis to make informed decisions about your treatment and lifestyle.
  2. Maintain an Active Lifestyle: Regular exercise can help improve joint function and reduce pain. Consult with a healthcare professional for appropriate exercises.
  3. Seek Support: Join a support group or connect with others who have hand arthritis to share experiences and coping strategies.
  4. Emotional Well-being: Manage stress and emotional well-being through relaxation techniques, meditation, or counseling.


Hand arthritis can be a painful and challenging condition, but with proper management and a positive outlook, individuals can lead fulfilling lives. By understanding the causes, recognizing the symptoms, and implementing effective strategies for managing hand arthritis, you can reduce pain, improve hand function, and maintain your independence. Remember that seeking guidance from healthcare professionals is crucial in developing a personalized approach to managing your hand arthritis.


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06 June 2023

Enhancing Comfort and Managing Bladder Control for SUI: The Remedic Gel Seat Cushion with Incontinence Pad

Bladder control issues can significantly impact a woman’s comfort and daily activities, but there are solutions available to help manage these concerns effectively. In this article, we will introduce the Remedic Gel Seat Cushion with Incontinence Pad, a versatile and practical product that addresses both comfort and bladder control needs. Let’s explore its features and benefits while incorporating relevant keywords related to bladder control for women.

Enhancing Comfort and Managing Bladder Control for SUI: The Remedic Gel Seat Cushion with Incontinence Pad

The Remedic Gel Seat Cushion with Incontinence Pad: Enhancing Comfort and Incontinence Protection

Designed with women’s needs in mind, the Remedic Gel Seat Cushion offers reliable support for bladder control, making it an excellent choice for those experiencing urination incontinence. Not only does it provide comfort during prolonged sitting, but it also effectively manages incontinence concerns.

Versatility Beyond Incontinence Management

The Remedic Gel Seat Cushion goes beyond its primary purpose of incontinence management. Its design and dimensions make it suitable for use with dining chairs, offering additional comfort and support. It acts as both a cushion and a chair pad, ensuring a pleasant seating experience.

Remedic Gel Seat Cushion with Incontinence Pad

Relief for Urinary Tract Concerns and Urgency

Women experiencing urinary tract concerns or urinary urgency can find relief with the Remedic Gel Seat Cushion. By reducing pressure and discomfort during prolonged sitting, it eases the strain on the urinary tract and provides a more comfortable experience.

Optimal Comfort for hard Chairs

Individuals using pressure chairs or requiring extra cushioning support will benefit from the Remedic cushion’s honeycomb design and gel insert. It ensures even pressure distribution, minimizes discomfort, and enhances overall comfort.

Remedic Gel Seat Cushion with Incontinence Pad

Outdoor Versatility: Comfort and Incontinence Protection

The Remedic Gel Seat Cushion is a versatile choice not only for indoor use but also for outdoor furniture. Whether as outdoor couch cushions or a set of patio chair cushions, it offers both comfort and incontinence protection, allowing you to enjoy your time outdoors without worry.

Reliable Protection Against Bladder Leakage

Concerns related to bladder leakage and bladder control are effectively addressed by the Remedic cushion. Its double liquid protection barriers and absorbent pad provide a worry-free experience, allowing you to focus on the present without concerns about leaks or accidents.

Remedic Gel Seat Cushion with Incontinence Pad

Integrated Incontinence Shield for Women

The Remedic Gel Seat Cushion features an integrated incontinence pad, acting as a shield against leaks and providing reliable protection for women in need of incontinence pads. It offers discreet and reliable support, ensuring peace of mind throughout the day.

Support and Comfort for Medical and Homecare Needs

Designed to meet the requirements of both medical facilities and homecare settings, the Remedic Gel Seat Cushion serves as a reliable medical seat cushion and homecare seat cushion. It provides essential support and comfort to individuals who require specialized seating solutions.

Easy Cleaning and Hygiene Maintenance

The Remedic cushion prioritizes convenience and hygiene maintenance. Its inner layer and fabric cover are machine washable, allowing for easy cleaning and maintaining high standards of cleanliness. With easy-to-clean incontinence pads and washable incontinence products, you can maintain optimal hygiene without hassle.


Bladder control concerns should never hinder a woman’s comfort or confidence. The Remedic Gel Seat Cushion with Incontinence Pad offers an effective solution that combines comfort, support, and incontinence protection. Its versatile design makes it suitable for various settings, from homecare to outdoor use. By choosing the Remedic cushion, women can regain control, enhance their comfort, and enjoy their daily activities without worry. Don’t let bladder control issues hold you back—experience the comfort and peace of mind that

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01 June 2023

Remedic eye drop guide

The inspiration behind the Remedic Eye Drop Guide stemmed from a home care nurse who recognized the challenges patients face when applying eye drops. Aware that frequent visits for eye medication administration can be costly, the nurse saw an opportunity for patients to achieve independence with a simple aid.

Remedic Eye Drop Guide Aid

Introducing the Remedic Eye Drop Guide, specifically designed to facilitate precise application of expensive Eye Medicine. Its rubber top assists in keeping the eye open and suppressing the reflex to blink. With the bottle tip positioned away from the eye, the patient can apply the drops without touching the eye area, thereby minimizing the risk of contamination.

Whether self-administered or assisted by a caregiver, the guide’s construction mitigates the risk of accidental injury, particularly for patients with tremors, as the bottle tip is designed to prevent accidental contact with the eye.

Read more on: https://remedic.co/product/remedic-eye-drop-guide-arthritis-friendly-dispenser/

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01 June 2023

Remedic Designs

The popular saying “Everybody wants to get old, but nobody wants to be old” resonates strongly with us at Remedic.

We believe that functional and adaptive equipment doesn’t have to compromise on modern aesthetics. Who wants their bathrooms to resemble an old times nursing home?

Remedic Safety Shower Chair Tool-Free Assembly Height Adjustable Soft PUR Seat Handle with Anti-Slip Rubber Tips for Stability Heavy Duty
Remedic Safety Shower Chair Tool-Free Assembly, Height Adjustable, Soft PUR Seat, with Handle, Anti-Slip Rubber Tips for Stability, Heavy Duty



For the Remedic Bath and Shower Chair, we have combined functionality with a contemporary design. The chair features an ergonomically shaped seat made of soft and warm touch PUR Foam. With the inclusion of a handle and drainage holes, it is easy to maneuver. The extra sturdy aluminum frame can be adjusted in height, catering to individuals of varying heights.

At Remedic, we believe that aging gracefully shouldn’t mean sacrificing style and comfort, even in the bathroom.

For more details please visit:


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25 April 2023

7 reasons why to chose better grip designs

Using products with ergonomic designs with good grips can help arthritis patients maintain proper hand and wrist alignment, reducing the risk of developing repetitive strain injuries or exacerbating existing conditions. This can also help improve overall hand and wrist health and prevent further joint damage.

Overall, choosing products that are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of arthritis patients can make a significant difference in their daily lives, enabling them to live more comfortably and independently. It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional or occupational therapist to determine which products are best suited for individual needs and preferences.

Remedic has been developing innovative caregiving and healthcare products for over 25 years working for major senior care brands and retailers.


1- Reduced hand fatigue: Products with a comfortable grip help to reduce the amount of strain and fatigue on the hands and joints.

2- Better control: A good grip ensures that the product is held securely, which can be especially helpful for those with weakened hand strength.

3- Reduced pain: Products with cushioned or padded handles can help reduce pain and pressure on the joints.

4- Improved dexterity: Products with larger handles or those with textured surfaces can make it easier to grip and hold onto items.

5- Reduced inflammation: Products that are designed to be lightweight or those made with materials that don’t retain heat can help reduce inflammation in the hands.

6- Joint protection: Products that are designed to be joint-friendly can help protect the hands and reduce the risk of further damage.

7- Increased independence: With the right products, arthritis patients can maintain their independence and complete daily tasks without relying on others.

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