Remedic creates caregiving solutions for making everyday senior lives easier.

Our assistive daily living aids feature modern and contemporary designs, ergonomic shapes and adhere to strict safety requirements.

Remedic Rollator Glove – hand warmer for seniors


The Remedic Rollator Glove protects you from the cold, snow and moisture and provides a cozy warmth around your hands while you are out in the fresh air with the Rollator or wheelchair.

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Remedic 7 Day Pill Box Organizer 4 times a day

Arthritis friendly Design – 7 Day Pill Box Dispenser for each day of the week, each with 4 compartments. Thanks to the easy grip it can be used by one hand only and stored easily and securely.

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Remedic Bath and Shower Chair with Soft Seat

Ergonomic soft seat shower chair with drainage holes and adjustable height. With handle, easy to move around. Provides perfect support when having balance or fatigue issues.

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