Remedic creates solutions for making everyday life easier.

Our assistive daily living aids feature modern and contemporary designs and adhere to European and international safety requirements.

Remedic Rollator Glove – no more cold hands


The Remedic Rollator Glove protects you from the cold, snow and moisture and provides a cozy warmth around your hands while you are out in the fresh air with the Rollator or wheelchair.

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Remedic 7 Day Pill Box Organizer 4 times a day

Arthritis friendly Design – 7 Day Pill Box Dispenser for each day of the week, each with 4 compartments. Thanks to the easy grip it can be used by one hand only and stored easily and securely.

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Remedic Medicine Bottle Opener

Arthritis friendly Design – The opener has a TPR rubber body that assures a good grip for easy opening different size lids. Comes with a magnifier and a LED light for reading the small print on medicine bottles.

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