Remedic 7 Day Pill Box Organizer 4 times a day

Remedic 7 Day Pill Box Organizer 4 times a day

The Pill Box Organizer features seven compact trays – one for each day of the week. Medications for all weekdays can be neatly organized and stored in each layer so patients can easily see what they need to take and when.

Trays feature four compartments for morning, noon, afternoon and night and users can easily slide each one out to access that section. The trays have been smartly designed so only one compartment can be accessed at a time. This ensures that pills in other sections are not dropped or lost.

The Remedic 7-day Pill Organizer:

  • Features a groove in each tray for easy grip for people with limited dexterity
  • Has a rubber grip on the lid so that the product can be used with just one hand
  • Is easy to clean
  • Serves as a sleek travel pill case

The compact design is great for daily use and is portable for travel and days out. The Organizer provides a clever solution for organizing medication for both patients and caregivers.

A great gift idea for grandparents, seniors and elderly friends!

… and it makes caregiver’s work a bit easier too