Remedic Hand and Finger Training System

Remedic Hand and Finger Training System

The human hand is a complex and extraordinary system consisting of 27 bones, 27 joints, 34 muscles, and over 100 ligaments and tendons working in conjunction with the nervous and circulatory systems to produce movement. Although the inner workings of the healthy hand and its separate parts function like the gears of a new clock, there’s great risk for breakdown and chronic pain with time.

The patented Remedic Hand and Finger Training system is an exceptional exercise program designed to provide an easy, practical way to strengthen the hand while increasing joint mobility and reducing inflammation. The kit includes a single, silicone BPA-free sphere with two interchangeable, flexible rings that make hand exercises intuitive and pain-free. This handheld device molds perfectly to the palm and comes paired with more than 30 hand exercises organized in a pamphlet.

Features Of The Remedic Hand And Finger Training System

The hand trainer comes with two resistance rings that easily slide over the silicone BPA-free ball. If one resistance ring proves two hard or easy, it can be switched out anytime. Each resistance ring and the hand trainer are ergonomically-friendly to fit the natural shape of the palm and fingers comfortably. The ribbed feature on the hand trainer adds dexterity for a better grip for users who may experience limited hand sensation. Accompanying the hand trainer is an exercise pamphlet filled with over 30 hand exercises to strengthen the hand muscles to improve joint mobility, coordination, and comfort.


Benefits Of The Remedic Hand And Finger Training System

The remedic hand and finger training system offers adults living with acute or chronic hand pain and joint limitations with a wide array of benefits, including:


  • Step-by-step instructions to participate in the guided exercise system as written or in a tailored approach
  • Challenging and engaging exercises that are versatile and practical for any environment
  • Easy-to-assemble with only two-step instructions for ring placement and removal
  • Isolating finger movements to focus on individual muscles that need more strengthening
  • Increasing joint mobility lost with muscle weakness of the hands
  • Facilitating typical grasp and finger positions that are essential for daily use
  • Using a trainer that’s waved, ribbed, and ergonomically-friendly for adults with impaired dexterity and grasp
  • Gentle material and shapes that strengthen the hand muscles while reducing overall joint pain
  • Easy-to-clean materials that are durable for long-lasting and repetitive use
  • A program that’s suitable for adults with various types of hand conditions including arthritis, sports injuries, repetitive use injuries, work-related stress injuries (i.e. prolonged computer or cellphone use), and so much more


Types of Training Exercises With The Remedic Hand And Finger Training System

As mentioned previously, the Remedic Hand and Finger Training System offers over 30 exercises for hand strengthening, joint mobility, and pain reduction. Before we dive into a small portion of these exercises, it’s essential to explain some of the language use describing the exercises in the training guide:


  • Flexion: moving the joints to shorten a muscle belly to produce a contraction
  • Extension: moving the joints to lengthen a muscle belly or stretch the muscle tissue
  • Adduction: moving a body part towards the center of the body
  • Abduction: moving a body part away from the center of the body
  • Opposition: positioning a tip of a finger to touch the tip of the thumb
  • Thenar press: pressing on the thenar muscle, a large muscle at the base of the thumb
  • Carpus press: pressing on the eight small bones in the wrist


Each individual exercise provided by the Remedic Hand and Finger Training System offers functional benefits to improve hand motion; however, a combination of exercises can maximize hand function for a wide variety of daily tasks. For example, a hand grip exercise may help someone better remove a lid from a jar, but exercising individual finger muscles in combination with hand grip exercises can make this activity even more successful.