Remedic quick-fixing bandage range

The sustainable bandage is made of a soft and breathable material that can be washed many times and thus reused. The special, tailored fabric allows it to be put on and taken off quietly and easily against the skin. The Remedic Quick-Fixing Bandage can be applied to sensitive and injured body parts without applying force or pressure.

The lighter colored underside of the bandage sticks securely to the darker top side and the strong adhesion fixes the bandage in place without restricting your movement. The adhesive strength increases with the overlapping area of the material.

The Remedic Quick-Fixing Bandage range is self-adhesive and can be used for various functions including:

  • To secure a warming pad in place (e.g. earache)
  • Warming neck compress in the season of cold and flu
  • Wrap sensitive part of the body, plaster, sling, or bandage
  • Cover the skin after applying ointment