25 Two-Minute Activities for Dementia Patients

24 Jul 2021 Blog General

25 Two-Minute Activities for Dementia Patients

It is always underestimated what a kind word, a touch, a simple smile, an open ear or a compliment can do for mental health.

According to researchers, gentle physical touch is able to regulate blood pressure as well as release endorphins, which are the hormones of happiness.

A spoken word also gives people so much and provides immense comfort especially in dementia care. Unfortunately, we often miss the opportunity to say them, as there is often no room for them in our hectic daily lives.

Especially in times of Corona, we realize once again how much we appreciate people, a spoken word and a touch, when it suddenly can no longer happen.

If you have a dementia patient at home or work in a care unit we have summed up this week 25 two minute activities for dementia patients. Things that fit into any stressful daily routine, but that you can make time for.

As a family member, take the time to visit your dementia patient, and as a caregiver, take the opportunity to talk to patients in addition to the programmed activities. It will change the person’s state of mind and change their mood more than you can imagine.

Be disciplined, as a caregiver you don’t have to stay longer than necessary. It’s the gesture that counts.


25 Two-Minute Activities for Dementia Care

Here are a few ideas for short ‘in between’ programmed activities.

  • Tell the person you love him/her.
  • Tell a her or him that she/he looks “beautiful” today
  • Greet the patient by name and make eye contact
  • Try on a few hats together in front of the mirror
  • Show bright colors in an article of clothing/magazine and talk about it
  • Hold hands and go outside for some fresh air
  • Pick flowers together in the garden
  • Help a woman try a new lipstick color
  • Give a resident a short shoulder massage
  • Play a short game with a ball
  • Stir up memories: e.g., “Tell me more about your grandmother’s farm!”
  • Tease: “I saw your boyfriend/girlfriend today!”
  • Give spontaneous hugs
  • Try a new scented hand lotion on the person
  • If the background music is good, take a patient out to dance
  • Blow bubbles together
  • Look at a landscape or animal calendar together
  • Ask for help: sorting books on a shelf, hanging laundry out to dry
  • Water plants together
  • Listen to the sound of a large seashell
  • Wrap herbs/spices individually in fabric and ask the customer to identify the smell
  • Comb, braid or curl their hair
  • Read out a few funny sayings
  • Remind a customer about fruits and vegetables in season
  • Sing a nursery rhyme together

The above activities can be shorter or longer depending on the intensity. This is up to you how much time you want to bring and invest. As a relative you have a little more time available as a caregiver but never forget that you may be in this situation at some point as well. And nothing makes a person happier than knowing that you have not been forgotten. If there is no time, you should always find the time for a smile.

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