01 June 2023

Remedic eye drop guide

The inspiration behind the Remedic Eye Drop Guide stemmed from a home care nurse who recognized the challenges patients face when applying eye drops. Aware that frequent visits for eye medication administration can be costly, the nurse saw an opportunity for patients to achieve independence with a simple aid.

Remedic Eye Drop Guide Aid

Introducing the Remedic Eye Drop Guide, specifically designed to facilitate precise application of expensive Eye Medicine. Its rubber top assists in keeping the eye open and suppressing the reflex to blink. With the bottle tip positioned away from the eye, the patient can apply the drops without touching the eye area, thereby minimizing the risk of contamination.

Whether self-administered or assisted by a caregiver, the guide’s construction mitigates the risk of accidental injury, particularly for patients with tremors, as the bottle tip is designed to prevent accidental contact with the eye.

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03 April 2023

Remedic Door Knob Grip Cover – Glow in the Dark

The Remedic Doorknob Grip Cover – Glow in the Dark is an innovative product that solves multiple problems at once. It offers a comfortable grip, anti-slip feature, and glow in the dark capability, making it a must-have item for households.

One of the main benefits of this doorknob grip cover is that it is designed to be arthritis-friendly. People with arthritic hand pain often find it difficult to grip and turn doorknobs, especially when they are slippery. The Remedic grip cover provides a soft, non-slip surface that allows for maximum grip and makes it easy to twist the doorknob.


Another great feature of the Remedic grip cover is its glow in the dark capability. This feature is particularly helpful at night when it can be challenging to see doorknobs in the dark. The glow in the dark feature provides better orientation and can help to avoid falling in the dark, making it a great aid for children and people waking up at night.

Made of premium TPR material, the cover is non-toxic and BPA-free, meeting all safety standards. The stretchable material is easy to install on existing door handles and easy to clean. It also prevents static shock when touching the door handle and is suitable for outside door handles, comfortable in winter, and can withstand hot and cold temperatures.

The Remedic Glow in The Dark Knob Cover Set comes with four pieces, making it a practical solution for all households. The economic set provides better value for money, making it an affordable option for people looking for arthritis and senior living aids.

Moreover, Remedic offers 24/7 customer service and stands behind its products to ensure customer satisfaction. With its innovative features and excellent customer support, the Remedic Doorknob Grip Cover – Glow in the Dark is an excellent addition to any household looking for a practical solution to make opening doors easy for everyone. It is available on Amazon, making it easy to order and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Buy it on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/remedic-Glow-Dark-Handle-Cover/dp/B08Z3CTWSK

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30 March 2023

Remedic Weekly Pill Organizer – Better Grip Design Pillbox

As we age, our hand function decreases, making it difficult to handle small objects due to stiffer joints and potential arthritis. Caregivers for seniors can assist by providing special tools or modifying daily use items for aging hands.

The Remedic Week Pill Organizer was specially designed with aging hands in mind, featuring a groove on the bottom for a better grip, and a rubber lip on the lid for easy sliding open or close. The pillbox organizer consists of seven compact trays, one for each day of the week, making medication organization simple for both patients and caregivers. Its compact design is portable for travel and daily use, and a great gift idea for seniors.

When caring for older adults, it’s important to understand that their hands experience various changes with age. Blood circulation weakens, making them more sensitive to cold, while joints stiffen and range of movement is limited. Muscle strength decreases, and it becomes harder to operate everyday tools and mechanisms, while less muscle mass protects joints and bones. Tactile sense and eye-hand coordination weaken, making touchscreens and sensing surfaces more difficult. Swollen joints and tremors can cause pain and limit grip accuracy, while fingernails become brittle and more susceptible to fungus infections. Stiff hands make nail care more challenging.

To assist aging hands, caregivers can encourage regular hand exercises and look for suitable aids, arthritis hacks, and tools, or other ways to ensure a good and safe grip. This helps to ensure that seniors retain a high level of independence and can manage activities of daily living.


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