17 April 2021

Tips for an Organized Medicine Cupboard

Tips for an organized medicine cupboard

Find your medicine easily and quickly

Medicine Cupboard
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Tips for an Organized Medicine Cupboard – An organized medicine cabinet saves time and makes finding the right medications easy, in addition to improving the quality of home medical care.

Firstly, the medicine cabinet can be a chaotic territory, old prescriptions you never use or pills you last took years ago that no longer fit into your medicine regimen or are far past their expiration date. If the following sounds familiar to you, you should change something: You suffer from a headache and are looking for an ibuprofen, rummage in the tablet box to find the right box but it is nowhere to be seen? Or you need to fix your pills for the new week but you are missing one package and can’t find it? This can become very stressful and can quickly put an elderly person under stress. It is important to sort and organize this area. If this is too much work or too stressful for you, ask your children, grandchildren, etc. for help. I’m sure they will be happy to assist you.

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10 April 2021

What To Do With Incontinence

What To Do With Incontinence


Incontinence is a common problem for seniors and can both affect their dignity and make life difficult for their caregivers.

To some extent, it is possible to ease it with medication, but lifestyle changes are important to reduce associated problems and embarrassment related to incontinence.

Things you or your loved one can do to reduce the symptoms of incontinence.

Do sports

High-impact exercise, such as jogging, weight lifting, or aerobics, can make incontinence worse, while low-impact exercises, such as Pilates and yoga, can reduce the problem.

You should do Pelvic floor exercises daily to strengthen your muscles and improve control. Regular light exercise can also improve flexibility, which can help prevent “functional incontinence,” which occurs when you simply can’t go to the bathroom in time.

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07 April 2021

Dehydration and what to do against it

Dehydration and what to do against it

Not drinking enough is a big issue all around the world.

People who are drinking out of a water glass

Dehydration and what to do against it. It is remarkable how many adults are chronically dehydrated. In Germany it is every 2nd adult and in America even 3 out of 4 people. The number one country is Australia with 80%.

Drinking enough water helps your body work better and feel better. It helps your metabolism perform more effectively and improves your concentration.

As we age, it becomes more important to drink enough water. In fact, dehydration is one of the top 10 reasons for hospitalizations in the elderly!

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