Benefits of using an eyedrop-guide for administrating eye drops

17 Nov 2022 General

Avoid contamination, accuracy, reduce the risk of injuries – essential caregiver tools

Remedic Eye Drop Guide Aid

No matter if instilling eye drops for yourself, or as a caregiver to another person, it is never easy. Aging people sometimes can’t tilt their heads enough to find a good dropping position. Half is easily spilled -and that can be quite expensive depending on the medication you need.

The tissue around the eye is very delicate and there is good reason why doctors frequently advise not to rub your eyes. Especially when you have an eye infection. The tip of the eye dropper should never be touched by hand, not even by your eyelids or lashes, to avoid contamination of the eye drops.

The eye is very sensitive – that is why it is so difficult to control our blinking reflex. If the tip of the eye dropper hits the eyeball this can lead to serious injuries. This makes it very challenging when administrating eye drops for children or older adults, they might move their heads and hit the dropper. When instilling the drops into your own eyes, a small tremor can easily lead to an eye injury.

An eyedrop-guide aid can solve several of those problems:

  • It keeps the tip of the eye dropper clear of the eye – this way it avoids contamination but also minimizes the risk of an eye injury
  • The soft rim makes it easy to keep the eye open and work against the blinking reflex
  • No more guessing, it guides the drops directly into the open eye
  • After using you can fold back the top and screw the lid back onto the bottle to keep your medication as germ free as possible