Remedic Eye Drop Guide Aid

Remedic Eye Drop Guide Aid

The Remedic Eye Drop Guide Aid is an eye drop dispenser which makes applying eye drops easier. Eye drop bottles can be difficult to handle and apply accurately for most people – especially for the elderly or those with grip problems. This dispenser is cleverly designed to hold open the eye so the drops can be applied on target and nothing is wasted.

The easy-to-use design:

  • Fits most standard-size round and oval eye drop bottles on the market
  • No need to touch your eye or face when applying the eyedrops
  • Helps to reduces the risk of injury and infection by keeping the bottle tip clear of the eye
  • Precise targeting – the drops land in your eye, not on your cheeks
  • Is hygienic and easy to clean

The Eyedrop Guide Aid is also made of soft and comfortable components and is compact and portable.

Whether you suffer from allergies,  dry eyes, wear contact lenses, need a relief from eye redness or require eye medication – for many people it is difficult to administer eye drops to themselves. We have a strong reflex to blink to protect our eyes. Often most of the valuable  drops end up on your cheeks and not inside the eye.

The Eyedrop Application aid was designed with elder people in mind too – it allows a good grip for accurate administration of the eye drops. Reducing the need for help and promoting independence.

If you look for practical, functional gift ideas for elderly friends and loved ones with this eye drop guide you can show you care.

… and it makes caregiver’s work a bit easier too