Remedic Long Handle Doorstopper Wedge

Remedic Long Handle Doorstopper Wedge

The Remedic Telescopic Door Stopper Wedge is designed for those with reduced movement and flexibility. It features a doorstop with telescopic handle that can be extended and therefore avoids the need for bending down. The long handle provides for fall protection, no need for crouching down to the floor to pick up the door wedge.  Helps you to manage the draught of air. It can be used as a doors top to hold doors open safely  within the house and keep them from slamming.  It can also be used hold outer doors partially closed adding extra security when answering the door.

The doorstop wedge is made from TPR Rubber and the telescopic pole from stainless steel which makes this product highly durable. It can be collapsed down and folded for easy, compact storage. No matter if you have a wooden floor, carpet or tiles, it works on all floors. The heavy duty rubber wedge assures that it leaves no scratches or dents on your floor or on the door.

The Doorstopper:

  • Is suitable for all doors
  • Has a solid and stable design
  • Measures 90cm / 36inch in length when fully extended
  • Home safety and fall prevention

Easy to use – this item should be in every elderly household as it plays an important role in fall prevention.

This product is light and easy to move around and is the perfect solution for elderly and disabled people or those with back problems or other movement issues.

If you look for practical, functional gift ideas for seniors and elderly loved ones with this long handle door stop wedge you can show you care.