The Remedic Medicine Cup with Pill Dispenser

25 Apr 2024 Blog General

Author: Jessica Belkowski, MS, OTR/L, C/PAM


There are a variety of challenges that exist for people who take medication during their day. Opening pill bottles can be painful or challenging if a person has weak grip strength. For people with one or more caregivers assisting with medication management, establishing a system can be challenging.



With the Remedic Medicine Cup, a caregiver or spouse can load medication into the attached pill box; it has a tilting lid with a large lever, easy to open for anyone with decreased grip strength. Many people rely on disposable plastic bags which can get easily lost in the bottom of a purse or can open easily and spill the contents.

The pill box is also transparent, meaning with a quick glance, the user can easily check that he is taking all of the correct medications, even before opening; a caregiver could also quickly assess if the user has actually taken the medication yet or not. This product also eliminates the need for repeated use of single-use plastic bags.



The glass cup portion also has markings on the side to ensure adequate water is taken with the medications, particularly if a specific minimum recommendation is provided by that user’s physician. These markings also allow for a subtle monitoring of hydration by the caregiver without having to ask the user how much they have been drinking throughout the day. It is made of glass, so it’s a better option suited for leaving on a countertop at home rather than taking it with you. However, it is very useful to have medication loaded with the appropriate amount of water to supply someone with the next dose.



This ergonomically designed cup is comfortable to hold and easy to open. It’s also easy to clean, as all parts are dishwasher safe. The Remedic Medicine Cup is a convenient solution to many common issues with medication management inside the home.


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