The Remedic Weekly Pill Organizer

06 May 2024 Blog

Author: Jessica Belkowski, MS, OTR/L, C/PAM

Weekly pill organizers come in a variety of shapes, designs and sizes. There are several key elements that should be considered when choosing an organizer. Ease of access, efficiency, and intuitive design are all important elements to a medication management system.

Ease of access to the medications is essential. The Remedic Weekly Pill Organizer divides into daily pill boxes that could be taken out of the system if you are leaving the house to carry in a large pocket or your purse. It provides convenient access when you are making an outing into the community. For people who travel for work, it provides a better solution of packing one week’s worth of medications rather than packing separate bottles of medication.


The most unique feature is the patented shape of this pill box, which includes a color-contrasted blue rubber lip situated in the middle of the lid of the device, and a groove on the corresponding area of the bottom of the device. It allows for a non-slip grip as a user’s finger easily settles into the groove on the bottom while gentle pressure from the thumb opens one or two compartments at a time. It can also be opened with one hand rather than requiring two hands to open, which can improve ease of use for people with hemiplegia or bilateral tremors.

While the patented shape improves the physical ease of use, utilizing an efficient system can decrease some of the mental work for users. For someone taking multiple medications, many with different dosing frequencies and schedules, it can be complicated to keep track of which pills should be taken at which time of day. Utilizing a weekly pill organizer with intuitive design like the Remedic Weekly Pill Organizer streamlines this process. Many weekly pill organizers are only divided into the days of the week and do not accommodate multiple medications needing to be consumed at different times of the day.

The Remedic Weekly Pill Organizer has the day of the week clearly visible on the side of each daily box, and has the time of day (morning, noon, evening and night) clearly visible on the lid of the box. When you fill up the pill box, you can place each pill appropriately according to its schedule. For example, pills taken twice daily can go in the morning and evening slots; pills taken with meals can go in the morning, noon, and evening slots; pills taken only at bedtime can go in the nighttime slot. Instead of setting alarms to take three different pills at bedtime, you can just set one reminder to take your nighttime medications from the nighttime slot, and you know you’re getting all the medication you need at that time of day.
Intuitive design means that anyone can utilize this system. It may be the person who takes the medication and fills the boxes themselves. However, if an older adult has difficulty organizing his or her own medications, a caregiver may load the medication compartments for that person to use throughout the week. Alternatively, if a person has multiple family members or caregivers involved in their care, if one caregiver fills the compartments, other caregivers can provide the medication from the Pill Organizer.
It can fit the needs of one person or a person with one or more caregivers involved in their life; of someone with four pills a day or twenty pills a day. Easy to open and shut and convenient to take with you for a day or short trip; effectively reducing mental load; and designed to be intuitive to use: the Remedic Weekly can fill the need of any person looking for improved efficiency with their medication regimen.


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