Remedic Medicine Bottle Opener

Remedic Medicine Bottle Opener

The Remedic Multi-Opener meets many needs – it works as a medicine bottle opener and helps patients to read medication instructions more easily.

The multi opener fits over most bottle twist lids on the market and the grooves help to grip and secure it. Once secure, the opener can be pressed down and the bottle lid twisted off more easily. The magnifier on the top of the device helps patients with sight problems to more clearly read dosing instructions and other small print. When pressed, the red button on the side of the opener shines an LED light for reading in low light.

The Remedic twist lid opener:

  • Fits most standard-size medicine bottles
  • Reduces the risk of patients taking the wrong medication
  • Helps to make sure patients take the correct dose
  • Enhances your grip on the lid and makes twisting easy

This lid opener is a great solution for elderly patients and those with arthritis or sight problems. It has a compact and sleek design and is light, portable and easy-to-use.

If you look for practical, functional gift ideas for elderly friends and loved ones with this multi opener you can show you care.