Reduce Your Risk Of Falling At Home

15 May 2021 Blog General

Reduce Your Risk Of Falling At Home

Reduce Your Risk Of Falling At Home. While one in three people over the age of 65 falls, often resulting in life-changing injuries, falls can happen to anyone.

In this blogpost “Reduce Your Risk Of Falling At Home” we will give you a fall prevention checklist – room by room:


  • First of all, keep a light, a lamp, light switch or night light near to your bed
  • Further sit down and get dressed
  • Keep loose items off the floor

Stairs and hallways

  • Firstly add handrails on both sides of the stairs
  • Secondly, install anti-slip strips on each stair
  • In addition, install night lights along the route from the bedroom to the bathroom



  • Move things so they’re within easy reach
  • Use dining chairs that have armrests and no wheels
  • Don’t clean with a high-gloss wax floor protector

Living room

  • First of all move cords and other objects out of walkways
  • Further, use a cushion or a seat riser if your chair is too low to easily stand from
  • Keep frequently used items within reach
  • Lastly, remove throw rugs


Remedic Long Handle Doorstopper Wedge

Easy to use – this item should be in every elderly household as it plays an important role in fall prevention.

The Remedic Telescopic Doorstopper Wedge is designed for people with limited movement and flexibility. It features a doorstop with an extendable telescopic handle, which measures 90cm/36inches in length. It avoids the need to bend down, which reduces your risk of falling. The long handle provides fall protection by eliminating the need to bend down to the floor to pick up the door wedge.  It helps you to control the draught and can be used as a door wedge to keep doors inside the house securely open and from slamming shut.  The Remedic Telescopic Doorstopper Wedge can also be used to keep exterior doors partially closed for added security when opening the door.

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In addition, you will find many other products in our product portfolio, which should not be missing in any senior household and certain accidents can be prevented. Most importantly, please feel free to contact us at any time and we will be happy to help you with your needs and provide you with the best products.